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Obesity has become a common problem with the passage of time. Studies have shown a great deal of elevation in obesity numbers worldwide. The major reason behind this issue is not taking care of our food pattern in a single day. However, creating a daily log of food intake can make the difference. People will be more aware of their eating routine to remain healthy. So that is why here we are presenting some of the unique and creative layouts of the Food Diary Templates. That will work as a food tracker for you in an efficient manner.

By using these food diary templates you will be in a position to hold yourself accountable about eating. It will allow you to intake a well-balanced diet. Moreover, you keep checking on the nutritional value of food, whether it has been consumed properly or not. Apart from that, it will prevent getting obese and you can easily share the diary with your doctor for further food instructions. There is no ambiguity that people can attain a huge amount of benefits by including food diary templates in their life. But here are some of the top-notch advantages that can be achieved in less time for health goals.

Eating habits

With the assistance of these food diary templates, you will be able to get significant insight into your food-eating habits. On the basis of that, you can easily regulate your food consumption to stay fit.

Food tracking

When you have the daily food meals recorded in front of you, tracking becomes simple. Further, it will aid you in figuring out your calories intake during the three meals of the day.

Emotional eating prevention

Another core advantage of these templates is that they will curb emotional eating. Some people start craving while in happy mode and other ones are start eating when they feel depressed or down. Ultimately, it disrupts the calories and nutritional balance of your body. As a result, it causes health problems in the long run. Thus, it is a great way of keeping control of your emotional eating effectively.

Weight loss

Weight loss becomes no tough job with these food templates. Once you start logging your meals, it will help you remember your motivation and fitness goals. Further, with data, you will not be able to cheat yourself and your dietician on the journey of losing weight.

Food Diary Template 01

You will stay in shape with this amazing food diary template. It is the perfect food logging tool that comes with an ideal appearance. Further, this dairy has an editable format and comes along Microsoft Word zip file. Before we start explaining the cutting edge benefits of this food diary template, meanwhile you can download it, as it is incredibly free.

This particular food diary template comprises all the characteristics that are all you need to achieve your fitness goals. By adding a date at the top of the sheet, you can start making a diary of your particular day’s meals. Moreover, this sheet allows you to keep a check of calories intake alongside mentioning food in the breakfast, lunch, and dinner blocks.

Another aspect of this food diary is that it helps you document the stats of your meals, like how many calories, fats, carbs, and fibers have been consumed. Besides that, you can also track the levels of protein and sugar taken in a day. It also lets you put in the exercise and sleep time to reach desired health outcomes. At the bottom of this template, you can record the daily workout if completed or not, along with the notes section.

Food Diary Template 01.


Food Diary Template 02

To achieve a mindful eating routine, here is an elegant piece of food diary template for you. Food logging, tracking, and motivating yourself become so easy with this template. It consists of different sections and each one is aligned properly for adding information. In addition to that, it will help you to update with what you have consumed and let you plan for the next meals to stay within the caloric limit.

Importantly, the diary has the structure for updating three meals with time, breakfast, and amount with total calories. However, it also helps you to add additional information on the right side of the given area. Similarly, you can record your lunch and dinner details on a handy single template. Yet another benefit of this layout is that you can track the amount of water you have drunk to keep yourself hydrated. In addition to that, mentioning the state of mood after eating alongside the note section enhances the functionality of this food diary to a great extent.


Food Diary Template 02.



Food Diary Template 03

Try out this fantastic look of food diary template for losing weight. This diary will aid in suppressing unwanted food cravings enormously. It is instantly available after free downloading. With consistent use of it, you will be able to track, where you getting wrong in terms of eating. That’s how the below template will remain you to keep going with healthy and nutritional value instead of junk food.

As far as daily meals are concerned, food servings, carbs, fats, protein, and calories can be adjusted in the assigned places on the sheet. It has good looking and user-friendly arrangement for putting information. That also lets you review your day at the bottom whether it was good or not for improving mental health. So, download this diary to ensure a healthy life for you and your loved ones.



Food Diary Template 03.


Food Diary Template 04

Following is a sublime format of food diary template that takes no time and cost to download right away. This tool looks so catch and includes a creative mix of colors. Furthermore, it gives you a detailed overview of your eating habits for longer days. Thus, you can control your unwished craving for unhealthier foods.

This sheet helps in recording four-day data for tracking purposes. Apart from that it also develops the habit of drinking water every passing day for body hydration. All the information with regard to meals, time, caloric value, and eating places can be listed in this sheet conveniently. That is why it is highly recommended for achieving long-term health outcomes.



Food Diary Template 04.Download

Food Diary Template 05

Here is a spectacular structure of the food diary template which has exclusive Microsoft Word formats. It will display you the details of all important information like the time of meals, food or beverage, caloric amount with respect to eating habit tracking. It is freely accessible for everyone to start logging their food diary to derive a healthier lifestyle.


Food Diary Template 05.


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