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For small and medium scale businesses, it is enormously beneficial to track the working of their staff. It helps the management to figure out the number of hours spent on a particular task by the employees. With the help of using Timesheet Templates, managers can easily monitor the whole working process for a specific period. Additionally, in case of a delay in the project, management can make important decisions on the basis of the timesheet template. It is an impeccable business tool for staff management and smooth project operations.

These timesheet templates keep the efficient check on the staff’s punctuality and working time in a day. Without it, the business budget can be disturbed to a great deal. As a result, it would be difficult to estimate the pay of the staff as per their working and overtime hours. Furthermore, businesses can also suffer a redundant delay in the projects. That is why having these templates for the project are greatly important.


Using timesheet templates has a lot of benefits. These recording maintenance tools don’t put a strain on the project budget. In that way, you don’t acquire the paid services of a graphic designer to create one from scratch. Therefore, timesheet templates save time and money altogether for the business. Furthermore, with regard to payroll, keeping updated data on the timesheet will help you to calculate weekly staff payments. Yet another aspect of bringing in timesheet templates is that it boosts the staff’s working performance with reference to daily recording. On the other hand, it also eliminates the procrastination factor among staff to meet task deadlines effectively. Apart from that, there are various similar templates easily accessible online to help the cause and one should try that as well.

Our Free Timesheet templates

In order to get a cost-effective setup of recording staff working data, here you can get an astoundingly simple free template. It is a Microsoft word timesheet weekly template that comes with plenty of qualities.

Weekly Timesheet Template

If you are looking for the weekly time tracking tool for employees, then it is the best choice, to begin with. This particular weekly timesheet template contains all the basic and essential features for recording employees’ working data. Its complete layout is beautifully managed and gives you cutting-edge advantages over costly, complicated templates. Further, it is a merge of stunting colors scheme that looks elegant whether to use online or after taking printouts. Amazingly, it will display all the working data of the staff on a single sheet and one can also use this template as a reporting tool to higher-ups.


Moreover, this weekly timesheet document includes all the features in the right places on the sheet. Which makes it convenient for prompt editing and customization as per your weekly needs. In addition to that, these templates allow the manager to monitor the number of working hours and leave for payroll processing.

This weekly timesheet template comprises numerous sections for putting data in an organized manner. For instance, you can simply replace the company logo and use one of your own businesses. After that, you can add company and department information with the weekly start date. For staff tracking, there are separate chunks to add working date, days, name, in time, break, out time, total hours, overtime, leave, and signature.

Right under this section, you can take crucial notes with respect to staff working. Besides that, there is a section designated to mention the rate per hour and total weekly pay of the employees. Similarly, in order to approve the timesheet, this template also has a section for supervisor and manager signatures at the lowermost area of this document.

Being an entrepreneur, using employee timesheets and work schedule templates is exceedingly helpful for the accomplishment of business goals. That is why one shouldn’t skip it at all. In short, you can get this amazing Microsoft Word format template in a zip folder on our site at no price.

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