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Losing someone you love most is an extremely unbearable thing. Therefore, one can’t ignore this hard fact of life. However, we can pay tribute to the deceased person by posting obituaries. It often includes the details of the deceased person along with a picture and a life quote. That helps the readers with the funeral information in a timely manner. Basically, it is the announcement of the death news of a particular person for horning him or her with regard to services and accomplishments. In that way, Obituary Templates are a useful source for writing one’s obituary. In short, it is a convenient tool for informing family members, friends, and the public about the death of someone.

How Obituary Templates are helpful?

If you are assigned to draft an obituary in the memory of the person, then obituary templates are exceptionally helpful. These templates will allow you to precisely include the positive aspects of the deceased’s life. There is no need to create one from scratch, as obituary templates are customizable and can save you time. By using that, you will have all the options, whether to notify the public through the digital medium or by posting these printable templates in the newspaper. Moreover, it will also allow you to make donation appeals for the funeral services in a sophisticated way. Most importantly, obituary printable templates authorize you for the acclamation of the deceased by making proper funeral announcements.

Free Obituary Templates

Here we are going to put forward the list of creative obituary templates onsite. Therefore, you can easily get all these useful sources at your fingertips.

Obituary Template 01

Being a friend or family member of the deceased person, you can be assigned with writing obituary tasks. However, it shouldn’t be a difficult thing with the below obituary template. This template will help you to compose a meaningful obituary regarding the late person. Furthermore, it will assist you to include important things of the subject life instead of unnecessary aspects. In other words, an obituary document should contain accurate information about the deceased rather than manipulation. Surely, that will leave a lasting impression in the honour of the person.

Following sections that amazing template includes:

  • Complete name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Education.
  • Living place.
  • Career.
  • Family information.
  • Place of death.
  • Death date.
  • Reason for death.
  • Funeral and burial information.

In this decent printable template format, you can seamlessly summarize the life of the deceased. Apart from the above-mentioned sections, you can also add a picture of the person and make further editing before publishing. Above all, this template doesn’t want your credit card information at all. It is free of cost available on our site link to download.


obituary template 01.



Obituary Template 02

You don’t need to spend your money on paid sources, as the following template will help you in the time of grief. This template will save your time, cost, and, importantly, emotions. Furthermore, with the guidance of this obituary template, you can impart the death news of your loved one to the public.

This template includes reasonable font colours for writing an obituary. Starting from the top, you can attach a picture of the late person. Importantly, it will help in the identification of the particular person for the public. After that, you can put down the name, age, birthplace, and death place. Besides that, the place of the rosary with time, date, and day can also be documented.

In the middle part of the template, you can provide information with regard to funeral time, place, officiating church, and burial with relevant data. At the bottom, you can mention education information, marital status, family members, career, and other achievements, along with a list of survivors.


obituary template 02.



Obituary Template 03

If you are facing troubles in creating an obituary, this template will help you to start with. Incredibly, this template comes in a decent format to help you to make easy edits. All the basic information about the deceased subject can be documented in this printable layout. Unlike other templates, it has a Microsoft Word format which enhances its accessibility for the users. In addition to that, you just need to make additions to the blanks on the template by reading the text. Similarly, this sheet comprises deceased name, death age, birthplace, date of birth, survivals, funeral and burial time, date and place with donation appeal. In short, you can download this obituary template below and pay heartily tribute to the late person.


obituary template 03.


Obituary Template 04

Now, creating an obituary for the death announcement has not been tough anymore due to the availability of multiple online sources. Right there, you can also get a simple and decent template design for free. Its layout is structured by keeping in mind the grief of the survivors and other concerned persons. Furthermore, it comes along with customization, which makes it easily editable.

This sample helps you with the framework to write a significant obituary in the honour and post it on different mediums. All the facts you can add in the given brackets by making replacements. All you have to do is follow the default text pattern of the template and then you are ready to post this obituary template in newspapers, brochures, and digital.

obituary template 04.


Obituary Template 05

In the memory of your loved one, you can use this classic template for composing the obituary. This template has a perfect layout that is exclusively accessible to this particular site. Additionally, it comes with a reasonable logo and fonts. Therefore, you can deeply honour the person at the funeral by using this template.

Firstly, this word format template will let you add the name, age, death date, and reason at the top. Besides that, you can insert the funeral information in detail. Like church name, address, and the funeral and burial date. Secondly, you can figure out the survival list in this template to amend. Yet another aspect of this obituary template is that you can define the qualification and career phase of the deceased as well. Thirdly, outlines guide you to add a gratifying note in the memory of the person at the bottom. To sum up, our range of obituary templates is incredibly beneficial and you can get this as a package totally free.


obituary template 05.


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