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Any business that deals with selling products or services can not bring off its desired goals without having a marketing plan. It is the prime factor in the success of the business. Without having compact marketing strategies, you will not be able to meet your target audience to convey your message. That is why a dynamic marketing plan is inevitable for the business goals’ accomplishments. However, Marketing Plan Templates are now providing a great source for developing a diverse nature marketing plan to meet the business outcomes. It allows the management to have a bird’s-eye view of the strategies and their implementation efficiently.

These templates lay the foundation for managers of the different departments to sit down and have a plan from scratch until execution. The use of these amazing plan templates will assist in the process of identifying target customers. Moreover, one can successfully concentrate on the ways that will boost the overall sale volume with plan templates. When it comes to doing marketing research, target audience, or advertising budget, all the information can be documented in these marketing planners. Following are some of the major factors of using such templates that play a crucial role in the progress of business profitability.

Product analysis

It is a dominant feature of the template to collect data before starting a business. For instance, when you don’t know your competitors, how come you will be able to compete with them? Similarly, product research is very important to have a unique and aesthetically supreme product to attract customers.

Cost evaluation

Knowing the available resources with their cost is an imperative part of the marketing plan. It helps the supervisors to discuss with other departments the direct, indirect, variable, and fixed costs of manufacturing the particular product. Further, it leads them to make the best use of the current resource and uplift the profit margin.


Templates allow the marketing team to grow together with business goals. It helps in tracking the product’s response for the target group of customers on a specific timeline. Moreover, when there is a need for a changing plan, it can easily be revised for running campaigns.

Marketing Plan Template 01

We have launched this tremendous-looking marketing plan template for free on our website. It comes with an elegant look in a Microsoft Excel file. Further, segmentation of this particular template will help in strategizing the marketing plans for the relevant departments. The template comprises the sample data for your ease to making editing accordingly. Moreover, this template will not only help you to do product analysis, design storyboards, add advertising information, and check quality control with this sheet. But also lets you track the strategy, whether it delivers fruitful results or still needs to be revisited.

You can also evaluate the cost of the product by making the comparison of estimated with actual cost in the given columns. For adding anticipation start date, anticipation end date, actual start date, and the actual end date of the tasks, there are separate columns specified in this marketing planning. The chart will show the graphical presentation of the whole marketing plan. Yet another quality is that, with defined colors, one can easily figure out the updated status of each assigned task.


marketing plan template 01.


Marketing Plan Template 02

This gray color theme marketing plan template is the supreme source for attaining business goals. In addition to that, this excel sheet lets you set goals and plan activities accordingly. Each task can be measured by the response of the audience at a given time. Furthermore, the status column will help you understand the progress of each activity in a simple manner. However, downloading is free and you can easily get the zip folder of this excel marketing plan template sheet instantly.

marketing plan template 02.




Marketing Plan Template 03

In order to maintain your project marketing data, here is a marvelous option for you to monitor every step of the marketing plan. This sheet covers the area of every marketing task right from the starting date. Moreover, cost evaluation also gets convenient with the help of this sheet. In order to preview the progress in a specific period by colors, you can smoothly update that.

At the bottom, information about the department and tasks is added to the defined table. Besides that, the chart will project the overall marketing cost with respect to the market strategies for your project. To sum up, you can get this marvelous project marketing plan absolutely free, just like the above templates.

marketing plan template 03.



Marketing Plan Template 04

Getting a proper marketing document with no cost and complexity is rare to find online. But here on this site, we are putting forward a terrific market plan template without charging a single dime. Right from the product definition, setting campaign goals, and product launch it gives you a complete rundown of your marketing strategies and their progress. It has an orange color theme that looks so delightful. Apart from that, clear headings are there in the specific cells of the sheet to make this marketing plan template a lot simpler than others.

marketing plan template 04.Download


Marketing Plan Template 05

This marketing plan template has all the exciting benefits and layout. It provides an astounding means of planning for product analysis and its progress. Furthermore, using this market plan will also encompass the details of product promotion. Additionally, in this excel sheet, you can include tasks, owners, assigned to, start date, and end date information precisely. Importantly, this marketing plan template also helps you in product pricing by knowing the cost of each task.

Another aspect of this marketing plan is the inclusion of a status column to analyze the recent progress of the strategies. Therefore, tasks completed, in progress, delayed, and not started, will be shown in different colors for developing better understanding and decision making. Furthermore, the template will also assist you to add project-related information at the top, like department and name. In conclusion, you don’t need to stress your mind anymore to achieve business sales targets as this free source is a powerful tool for marketing plan strategies, costing, evaluating, launching, and tracking.

marketing plan template 05.

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