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In the world of competition, most companies keep their means of communication unique and good-looking. That later helps in winning the client for them. For that reason, businesses are using letterhead to impart the company message to their potential customers. Letterhead Templates is not just a piece of document for the company but also depicts the company’s worth in terms of professionalism. Nowadays, it is often in use for communicating inside and outside the company. As it works as the brand for the particular business, it should be decent and well organized. Here we have come up with multiple amazing letterhead templates. That will efficiently contribute to uplifting the reputation of your business for free.

Our list of free letterhead business templates will save your precious time on creating such documents from scratch. Apart from that, it will reduce your cost of getting the services of a graphic designer to a great deal. However, our elegant design of letterhead templates give startups and other entrepreneurs an incredible opportunity to showcase their business operations constructively.

Benefits of Using Letterhead Templates

Using elegant letterhead templates works as an advertising tool for business affairs. It doesn’t require you to pay through credit cards or other means of payment. You can make choices among different available letterhead design templates and can save your time and effort altogether. Moreover, it will enhance the company’s engagement with clients in a positive way. One can also use it as a legal document with reference to providing goods or services to the parties. Yet another feature of this template is that you can use it for creating memos, invoices, notices, and other important documents. In short, using business letterhead templates contains a great deal of value for the business.

Free Letterhead Templates

We are going to hand out a variety of letterhead templates here as a freebie. It comes with aesthetic design and features. Unlike others, you can unambiguously download these professional-looking templates on our website.

Letterhead Template 01

The credibility of the business is immensely imperative. By using average-looking and non-professional letterhead, you can not only lose customers but also bring down the brand reputation in the long run. Having said that, our below sublime template will do the cause for the needful. Its use will improve your means of communication, whether it’s within or outside the business. One can significantly promote its brand by using this absolutely free template.

This business document provides you with customization features in Microsoft Word format. It contains an astounding background that looks attractive with default text. Furthermore, the combination of colours of the fonts looks so appealing. The following letterhead template deals with separate three areas in an organized manner. Firstly, at most top right you can include your brand logo with thorough business details. Secondly, you can put down information about the officer’s name with the date. Thirdly, it will allow you to add body text in the defined area. So, download this useful digital letterhead document to achieve your desired business outcomes.


letterhead template 01.


Letterhead Template 02

You can not ignore the value of this customizable and editable letterhead template. It has a prolific presentation of text, icons, and colours. Moreover, you can boost the trust of the vendors or clients by using this printable template as an official document. Apart from that, you can improve brand retention in the minds of the parties by adding your logo to this stunning professional letterhead.

This template lets you add the business addresses, phone, and official email with icons due to the availability of the customization. Besides that, specific headlines can also be mentioned alongside the relevant text in the respective places without hesitation. That is why using this fabulous template is highly beneficial.

letterhead template 02.



Letterhead Template 03

If you want to start branding your business effectively, then give it a try with this template. This is a letterhead template with all editable advantages. Furthermore, particularly using this document will serve as a marketing tool to upgrade your brand worth. Additionally, you can make your business correspondence impactful as well. Regular use of it will elevate business communication in a competent manner.

Its design is easily understandable and you can make a replacement of text in a quick way. You can make necessary additions with the help of the given text conveniently. Its layout allows you to change the overall theme as well within a second in MS Word format. Moreover, it will help you in managing your business image profoundly. Most importantly, you can not only download this printable template for also make printout copies of it as well.


letterhead template 03.


Letterhead Template 04

Here is an excellent merge of golden and white colours with entirely editable ingredients. It gives you a premium look with its eye-catching presentation. Similarly, it comes without any cost in the zip file of MS Word. It is easily accessible worldwide on our website. Further, its use will help the brand to leave a lasting impression. You can avail the benefits of professional and official means of communication by this.

Amazingly, it is equally fruitful for experts and ordinary people to download and make the best use of it. So in that way, you don’t need to bother at all with channelizing your business communication in sophisticated manners. Just like the above marvellous templates, you can add the company information and the body text in respective positions for your interaction with your clients. That’s how you can gain enormous success with using customized, effective letterhead templates.



letterhead template 04.



Letterhead Template 05

Letterhead works as the face of the company. So it should be positive, official, and professional by all means. Here we are going to discuss the simple and easily editable free letterhead template. Being an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t ignore the productivity of using this important document. In addition to that, it is a well-designed document with the company logo and details on it. You can make changes as per your wish in every part of the template. So, whether you need to send invoices to parties or give memos to departments, it is the right choice. Therefore, it is better to use this decent official-looking letterhead instead of over-coloured with costly graphics templates.


letterhead template 05.


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