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Teachers have a prominent role in the development of the students. Therefore, planning lessons as per the ability and keeping in mind the potential of students is very important. It helps the teachers to adopt a useful strategy for boosting the engagement and learning capacity of the students. Moreover, during covid 19 days, it has become more essential than before for the teacher to have an organized lesson plan for children. A well-versed plan includes every needful aspect for the student regarding education and extracurricular activities. So, having a compact lesson plan is inevitable for every teacher. However, creating and drafting a student plan from scratch is not an easy task to do. That is why on our site we are going to hand over some of the amazing Lesson Plan Templates free of cost.

Importance of Using Lesson Plan Templates

With the help of lesson plan templates, educators can prevent the disruption of the learning process a great deal. Moreover, these templates work both ways for the growth of students and teachers as well. They can show their commitment and prepare a comprehensive lesson plan by using our awesome lesson plan templates. In that way, lesson plan templates have unavoidable importance for teachers.

As we all know, this pandemic has affected our lives in one way or another. Despite that fact, we are trying our best to adjust to the new ways of living. Similarly, to keep our children safe, most of the schools have shifted their classes from physical to online. Teachers are also adapting to the situation and coming up with a new modified and technological way of teaching online. By using lesson plan templates, teachers and educators can convincingly convey their lessons to the students. In addition, it will also help the students to know the modern way of learning. That’s why bringing our professional design lesson plan templates into your teaching life is extremely recommended.

Our Free Lesson Plan Templates

Incredibly, our user can get their hand on our elegant lesson plan templates free of cost.

Lesson Plan Template 01

Here is an awesome Microsoft Word lesson plan template for you to start planning your lesson. It has an exquisite layout that will provide a thorough plan for the students. Further, the template includes a nice-looking blend of blue, yellow, and gray colors. This template has a default arrangement of sections to add your information accordingly.

The lesson plan template has three components for teachers to accomplish curriculum goals. In the first chunk of this hand tool, you can easily add a checklist of questions with regard to school closure. However, on the top right side, you can plan offline activities for the children to stay mentally and physically strong during pandemic days. After that, there is a section for video conferencing for school. Here, this printable word document will allow you to update the price, length, meeting, live stream, record, and login details. In short, download this lesson plan template and start creating an effectively managed model for your students.


Lesson Plan Template 01 (2).


Lesson Plan Template 02

Being a new teacher, this particular template will help you to create a modern lesson plan in a timely manner. It will provide you with the opportunity to show your dedication to the school and to students’ well-being. Moreover, you can instantly download and start planning your lessons in an efficient manner.

This template has a good-looking style and structure. It gives you a great idea of the lesson plan for the COVID-19 situation. Moreover, the font and background colors with icons enhance its nice appearance.

The below template is split up into two sections. Firstly, in the upper section, this digital and printable document allows you to add school closure checklist questions. However, on the right side of this section, you can replace the default data for video conferencing for schools. Secondly, in the lower section, you can comfortably schedule the fun activities for the children at home. On the right side of this respective section, you can find the information with regard to screencasting for teachers. Apart from that, being a teacher, you can take advantage of using this template and also use free teacher schedule templates to plan out prior to the lecture day.


Lesson Plan Template 02 (1).


Lesson Plan Template 03

Check out this fantastic outline of the free lesson plan template. By using this template, you can meet your deadline for creating a lesson plan for students. Therefore, it will prevent the loss of time and energy for educators to create one from scratch. Furthermore, this template will even help parents to figure out the online way of learning for their kids.

One can attain certain advantages by downloading this template due to the full customization facet. Importantly, you can update the video conferencing for online classes at the top right of the template. Later, you can take down the lesson elements. Like what does it look like and what tools can be used for engagement, exploration. Explain, elaborate, and evaluate. In that way, you can prepare a perfect and goal-oriented lesson plan with this specific template or with other free sources.


Lesson Plan Template 03 (1).


Lesson Plan Template 04

It becomes hazardous for the new teacher to be fully aware of the online teaching method. In that way, they get stressed while forming daily lesson plans for students. It comes with almost every important information that is needed to deliver a managed plan to students. In addition, you can utilize this source online and also in printout form. Moreover, this template plan has a decent theme and color scheme to start with. So make a free download and keep playing your part for students’ educational progress on the pandemic days.

This classic template contains five segments to add information. Right at the top, you can mention the name, title, date, and subject. Right after that, there is a section for the online class duration and video conferencing for the online class. Furthermore, this template has the pre-planning segment and lets you put down learning goals and learning targets accordingly.

In the lesson cycle chunk, you can include questions related to engagement, introduction to new material, guided practice, independent practice with summing up. After that, there is a section in which you can update modification and reinforcement for the students to practice the method of learning. Apart from that, being a teacher, you can take advantage of using this template and also use free teacher schedule templates to plan out prior to the lecture day.


Lesson Plan Template 05 (1).


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