House Moving Checklist Templates

Whether you live on your own or in a rental place, moving your house isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of costs, effort, and time to get your things packed and moved to another place. Additionally, it is crucial to have an organized plan before moving. You can get one by using House Moving Checklists Templates. These amazing printable templates prevent the strenuous situation precisely on a moving day. Moreover, you will have all the checklist of your house-moving tasks to make the transition seamless. Another aspect of these templates is that it helps you in organizing data in a digital document on your personal computer or in printable format.

You can create a detailed checklist right from packing accessories to letting the banks, schools, and other Govt. administrative institutions know regarding moving. Templates will allow you to keep a record of each and everything in a manageable way. Furthermore, with the help of these house-moving templates, you don’t need to wait until the shifting day as you can start thinking and organizing your activities before two or three months.

Our identity is directly related to our residence and keeping aware of it to banks, relatives, and house building society is inevitable. Therefore, these house-moving checklist templates let you include all these reminders effectively. You can intimate them before the nick of time to avoid inconvenience. Apart from creating a checklist for your current house, it also helps you to make an inventory list of the new house budget as well.

Free House Moving Checklist Templates

Many companies offer the service of a moving house by providing you with a checklist. However, it costs a significant amount in return. So, it is better to get the benefit of this free source online. That’s why we are going to extend here the range of creative house-moving checklist templates. That is absolutely free to download and doesn’t ask you about credit cards for making payments.

House Moving Checklist Template

Before moving house, you need a diverse strategy and planning. The below document will let you have a solid plan for moving your house by keeping all the family members on the same page. It will help you to take count on everything that needs to be transferred to a new house. In addition to that, you will not forget any important items remaining in your previous house. Besides that, you will have a complete rundown of your checklists. Therefore, you can easily track missing things during the transition.


This convenient house moving checklist template holds multiple benefits. It makes the house moving progress smoothly without getting into trouble. Further, this document will assist you in making arrangements for travelling and completing other vital tasks in a timely fashion. You can get this format by clicking the button at the bottom in Microsoft Word format. Another key thing to remember is that you don’t have to be a specialist to use this checklist template.

Unlike other templates, particularly layouts, don’t require putting house moving data from scratch in a given block. Since most of the useful checklists have already been created and come in the default format. Although it comes along with default information, still you can easily edit the data as per your need. This printable document has four checklists that are as follows:

Room Need / Storage

In this part of the checklist, comprehensive details can effortlessly be included. For instance, adhesive hooks, mounting tape, desk lamps, bulletin board, and other relevant stuff.

Kitchen Needs

Similarly, in the kitchen needs section, all important information is put together in a checklist for the ease of our users. You can remove the data after downloading and updating becomes easy as per your requirement.


Moreover, the electronics area comprises computers, cameras, batteries, and other pertinent details. You can also make edits here, customize the checklist area as per your selection.

Linen / Laundry Supplies

This segment of the template lets you put together information with regard to laundry and linen. Here, you can create your list professionally with check boxes, and on the completion of the checklist point, you can tick the box and move forward to the next.


House Moving Checklist Template 01.


House Moving Checklist Template

The house moving process is quite complicated, such as loss of important documents and damage to other stuff takes a deep toll on you. But the house moving checklist template will overcome all these problems efficaciously. The following template is a perfect example that will allow the house owner to draft a checklist of house moving activities in a sequence manner. Moreover, you can easily manage all the essential checklist points on this exclusive template. In that way, it will prevent you from getting yourself busy with multiple complex documents.

Informing concerned persons, friends, and even the official department about changing the address is certainly important. For that purpose, this template includes the main heading with checklist points to keep in mind. Similarly, for other arrangements, this word document has checklists for utility services, personal services, business accounts services, Govt offices, local office organizations, and publications. However, you can not only replace the main heading but also inventory checklist details as per your wish. In addition to that, you can amazingly track your list with actual complete activities to know what is left to take care of. In short, you can grab this complete package for free and list down your plan before the actual house moving date.


House Moving Checklist Template 02.



House Moving Checklist Template

Try out this special house moving checklist template that comes with a premium quality feature for free. This Microsoft word house moving checklist template is indeed a quality option for planning and execution for shifting. However, this printable template has two major sections. The first section compiles the information on those activities that you can list down before and within two months of moving. Another segment includes a checklist of those tasks that you will perform in the last days of moving your house. Above all, feel free to use this house moving template in word format.


House Moving Checklist Template 04.


House Moving Checklist Template

You can seamlessly track your checklist tasks with regard to moving house. This awesome Word document contains smooth default features. That will give you enough time to plan your housing moving activities periodically. Another vital aspect that uplifts the confidence of the user is customization. You can update it more than once as it has a spectacular editable structure.

Importantly, its font has a decent colour that enhances the beauty of the design. You will find it comfortable while using it on your laptop, mobile, or as a printout document. In conclusion, these house-moving checklist templates are useful packages that will extensively save your time, money, and peace of mind.


House Moving Checklist Template 05.


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