Student Budget Templates

A Student Budgeting Template is much important for a student’s financial stability. It will be ensuring to pay common expenses such as rent, tuition, student loans, credit card bills, and entertainment. A student budget plan ensures you’re not spending money more than you’re making. It can allow you to plan for short- and long-term expenses. It’s a very easy way for students with all types of income and expenses to keep their school, college, and university finances in order. Every student simply wants to be able to keep track of his/her income left over after all expenses to ensure not to fall into debt.

Creating Budget Plan for a student is not as difficult or time-consuming as you might believe. You just need to learn about free tools that can help you simplify and speed up the budgeting process. Whether you’re a high school or a university student, it’s difficult to understand how your income and expenses will fluctuate, how to set financial goals, save for emergencies, and keep to your budget. However, before you learn about how to budget for university or college, you need to understand why you should do so.

You need to learn about the application process, where to get financial help and meet with a counselor to discuss your academic goals. A student budget plan may have looked like a much difficult responsibility with so many things to complete before your first day of college or university.

Tips to Create Your Own Student Budget

Having a well-designed student budget is important in order not to leave out any expenses to be paid for. Making a budget is hard especially if you do not learn about it. Don’t worry we have some special tips for you so that you can make a student budget plan.

Track Your Balances

Event planners typically prepare any budget templates in order to determine if they are still within the allocated budget. If you’re on a student budget, this works similarly. Your student budget record must have all of your financial transactions.

Down Your Personal Expenses

There are also more expenses you have to spend than your personal desires. So, prioritize your extra needs and decrease your wants in student budgeting.

Find Some Work for Additional Expenses

Find a part-time job you can do if you want to gain additional expenses while you are studying. Do this only if it does not disturb your study time and habits.

Benefits of a Student Budget Template

  • Maintain your college or university expenses effectively
  • Must allocate appropriate resources
  • Monitor your transactions
  • Helps to meet your objectives
  • It will help to improve decision-making
  • You can easily identify problems before they occur. For example, the need to raise finance or cash flow difficulties.
  • You can make a plan for future expenses.
  • A student budget plan template allows a student to survey monthly expenses. As we know, loans or funds are the only sources of income for students. Also, a careful lifestyle will save funds, minimize loan debt, and avoid non-essential interest.
  • These templates allow a student to analyze essential expenses and plan for unexpected costs. A responsible seller will limit non-essential expenses and develop innovative ways to decrease the costs.

Many educational institutions provide their students with free financial literacy and money management education. Other tools, such as worksheets, budgeting sites, and credit information pages, will most likely be linked through the financial aid office’s website.

Our Free Student Budget Templates

On our website, you can download exclusive samples of Student Budget Templates for free of cost.

Template No. 01 for Student Budget Plan

This MS Excel template for a weekly student budget plan is available on this site. The values in all of the specified sections, as well as the summary chart, will be automatically updated. All you have to do now is fill in the description, budget, and expenses columns. The values will be calculated in the balance section using the formulas provided. However, you can get the template for free and use it to manage your college’s weekly budget.


Student-Budget Template 01


Template No. 02 for Student Budget Plan

Another Student Budget Plan template in MS Excel format is available here. This is a wonderful choice for a student who wants to keep track of all of his or her college expenses, including the actual amount and expenses on a single worksheet. After entering the data in the appropriate cells, the exact amount, expenses, and balance will be computed automatically. Therefore, the template is available for free and can be downloaded at any time.

Student-Budget Template 02


Template No. 03 for Student Budget Plan

Here is a good option for students to manage the monthly budget plan. In this sample, monthly income, expenses, and semester-wise expenses are given separately. You can easily get the outcome of your monthly income, expenses, and the difference between them. However, all you need to do is on a single sheet. Download this wonderful sample for free in Microsoft Excel format.

Student-Budget Template 03


Template No. 04 for Student Budget Plan

In this Student Budget Plan template, a student can easily mana his/her income, fixed expenses, and flexible expense for weekly, monthly, and yearly based. This template provides the spaces to manage your dues. Also, you can edit the layout of its design using MS Excel files. Feel free and download the template by clicking on the download button given below the sample image.

Student-Budget Template 04


Template No. 05 for Student Budget Plan

You can use this template to keep track of your education income, expenses, and loans for five months. The formulas provided will change the values of the cells automatically. This sample will also be a wonderful choice for any student who wants to keep track of all of their educational expenses. However, if you scroll down to the sample image, you can get it for free in MS Excel format by clicking the download option.

Student-Budget Template 05


Template No. 06 for Student Budget Plan

This green-colored University Budget Planner is also available in Microsoft Excel format. You can effortlessly manage all of your income, including salaries, loans, scholarships, grants, and costs by using this template. All values will be calculated on a single spreadsheet. However, you can download it for free right now and change the values to suit your needs.

Student-Budget Template 06


Template No. 07 for Student Budget Plan

We have another well-designed Student Budget Plan Template in MS Excel format for you. The input values such as monthly income, expenses, and the difference will be updated by built-in formulas. Also, when you insert or alter values, the charts below will update.

Student-Budget Template 07


Template No. 08 for Student Budget Plan

Students of all ages will benefit from the Student Budget Planner template given below. This template will automatically update all values. The bar chart in the spot will update the outcome of overall monthly income and expenses. This excellent MS Excel template is available for free download.

Student-Budget Template 08



Template No. 09 for Student Budget Plan

Here is another College Budget Plan Template that provides a great look as well as a responsive layout in MS Excel format. The template can calculate the outcome of the budget, expense, and balance. Also, it will show all the expenses in the chart provided in the place. However, download it for free and manage your college budget plan easily.

Student-Budget Template 09


Template No. 10 for Student Budget Plan

This comprehensive College Budget Plan provides you with a wonderful design and responsive layout in MS Excel files. Using this template, you can easily set your monthly budget and manage the expenses in an appropriate manner. Also, the chart given below will provide the outcome of budget and expense automatically. Download it for free and update the values as per your needs.

Student-Budget Template 10


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