Fee Schedule Templates

A fee schedule is a crucial document that is mostly used by businesses dealing with services. It details all the information regarding the payable amount with respect to services. The fee schedule outlines the charges for the service that are going to be delivered in the given time frame. Whether it is a clinic, school, or another service provider, they all need a proper fee schedule. So they could clearly communicate with their clients in terms of payments. Moreover, it is also very significant that fee documents shouldn’t be ambiguous. It should include facts and clear information for the readers. Importantly, for schools announcing their updated yearly fee schedule is also important. That helps students to take admission with respect to the fee schedule. However, using fee schedule templates will allow school coordinators to prepare a quick list of the fee schedules. That will grab more attention from students.

Benefits of Fee Schedule Templates

Using online available free templates for fee scheduling has enormous benefits. It prevents the wastage of time by staff. Further, one can quickly update after downloading these documents. Most of these templates incorporate beautiful compositions with customizing ability. In addition, these templates save a lot of costs to hire a graphic designer and design these documents from the start. You can simply edit and modify the available fields to use as your own document. Since we know that for admission, there is a specific time period given to the students. So organizing a decent and impactful fee schedule before the announcement of admission is necessary. In that way, the students get instant information in order to get admission to the different classes.

Our Free Templates

Here are some of the best designs templates you can get on our site. You can search for your desired niche to download a free sample to start with. Besides that, you can also browse online to find easy and accessible schedule templates.

School Fee Schedule Template

Here is the premium quality layout for scheduling school fees. This Template is a blend of blue shades that amplify its worth. Where its use will provide assistance to school management. Similarly, it will give plenty of benefits to students seeking admission. They will be able to know every bit of information regarding fee structure.

It has an exclusive MS Word format for providing you with efficient customization. Moreover, its format consists of different fields that represent fee schedules. That will ease the user’s workload and give them the opportunity to create a dynamic template in less time.


Start at the top of this fee schedule template. You can update the school logo and details provided alongside it. Furthermore, you can mention the date at the top right side under the school address. After that, the middle part of the fee schedule is split up into three sections. Firstly, you can add information about the admission fee for different classes. Secondly, you can write down the boarding fee in a sequence. This template will allow you to put boarding fees, tuition fees, laundry charges for exams, and other activities costs. In the class columns, you can specify an amount for each category. Besides that, you can also add the sum of the fees for different classes in the respective cells.

In the day school fee table, this template will enable you to document class-wise admission fees, tuition fees, and welfare fees. Thereafter, you can add the list of instructions for the students to provide at the time of admission. At the bottom of this elegant template, the coordinator and principal can approve the document by signing it in their respective places. Above all, these schedules have a great deal of worth for students. No matter if it’s student study schedule templates or fee schedule templates. All of these schedules will boost their well-being.


School Fee Schedule Template.


Medical Fee Schedule Template

Creating a document listing all the dues and charges for the service is important. That helps the customer or patients to know ahead of taking specific services. Further hospitals and clinics do need a professional document to communicate their fees against each checkup or treatment. Most of the assistants in these areas face difficulties in developing an organized fee structure. However, by using the below template, one can quickly create a medical fee schedule.

It is the MS Excel file that contains different columns with particular headings. One can plan and schedule fees for the patients on this single template. You can add information in code, description, non-facility global fee, facility global fee, professional components fee, BR, PA, FU days, and change columns on this template. Furthermore, this sheet also has a data sorting option with the drop-down button. So press the download button now to start making a medical fee schedule.


fee schedule template 01.



Administrative Fee Schedule Template

This particular template is a helpful source for the user. It assists the user in making an endowed fund investment. However, for the organization before getting funds, it is also crucial to share the administrative fee schedule with the investors. Due to that, we have crafted a well-managed Excel template. For managers to make the best use of this administrative fee planner. Furthermore, it comes with a green color layout with several sections. All the areas of the sheet define the heading for the user to make adjustments accordingly. Amazingly, it has no cost, so download it without further delay to start administrative fee scheduling.


fee schedule template 02.


Physician Fee Schedule Template

Being a physician, if you are looking for a sophisticated feel plan, then the following template is entirely for you. It is an exclusive design for service reimbursement. The physician needs a document to communicate their service to the patient prior to treatment. That helps them avoid any inconvenience later. So, being an assistant, try out this template that has an organized look and feel to add information clearly.

Moreover, this template has the following fields to include information.

  • Current procedural terminology code,
  • Mode,
  • Description,
  • Status,
  • Payment final 2021,
  • Column for Payment final 2022,
  • Payment percentage change.


fee schedule template 03.


Personal Fee Schedule Template

Keeping a check on the dues throughout the month prevents us from an unfavorable situation. That is why professionals recommend using a person fee plan to stay intact without payments. Taking all aspects into account, we have developed this spectacular template. That has the quick data input feature in MS Excel format. You don’t need to over-stress yourself by creating a personal fee schedule from scratch. This particular template will let you monitor almost every fee payment on a single template.

You can list down the optimum free checking, description, and fee in the assigned table. Similarly, you can add vocational club and holiday club account descriptions and fees on the other side of the template. In this template, you can also take care of the mortgage and miscellaneous loans fees, and so on. In a nutshell, to live within a budget, download this template for the person fee schedule.


fee schedule template 04.



Bank Fee Schedule Template

The following is a perfect example of displaying a bank fee schedule. It is MS Excel format that includes details of information for the services that the bank provides against some charges. Further, its use will cover almost every topic that an account holder needs to know. Moreover, it is fully editable and you can put down the description and fees in the given tables for customers. Being an employee of the bank, if you are assigned to prepare a fee schedule document, then download this absolutely free template.

fee schedule template 05.


Civil Fee Schedule Template

One cannot deny the importance of using this Excel template. It comes with an elegant green theme and simple arrangements. By using this civil fee schedule template, one can immediately draft a list of services with fees. Furthermore, this customizing template has two segments. Firstly, you can insert document-type information. Secondly, it will allow you to mention fees for each document. To sum up, get this one template for free by pressing the download button below.


fee schedule template 06.


Permit Fee Schedule

Unable to find a solution for scheduling permit fees? Then try this classic layout. It is a professional-looking design with blue colors. Further, you can download this Excel permit fee schedule template the free. It is significantly beneficial for Govt officials to produce and share permit fee plans with the public in less time. Unlike others, it will not consume many hours. Therefore, you just need to download and insert the information in the right places. Further, the following fee schedules you can enter in this template:

  • Residential fee
  • Water capacity fee
  • Re-inspection fee
  • Sewer capacity fee
  • Commercial fee

fee schedule template 07.Download

Bank Fee Schedule Template

This is another free bank fee schedule sample template for you. That will allow the customer to know all the information in one place. However, creating such professional documents takes time. In that regard, this template in Microsoft Excel format has been established. In this template, you can insert bank services and fees in two lists. That will help readers and bank customers to get clear-cut information about a particular service. So be quick about downloading this template before it gets too late for you.

fee schedule template 08.



Dental Fee Schedule

Being an assistant in a dental clinic or hospital, the below schedule is the right choice for you. It is a top-notch time-saving tool for creating a fee schedule in a moment. In addition, it has all the pre-defined columns with headings, so it won’t be hard for anyone to use this template. All this planner needs to write the service code with description and fees in default settings. Right after that, you can take a print of this fee schedule to share with your patients.


fee schedule template 09.



Family Day Care Fee Schedule Template

There are many organizations that provide family daycare services. However, they also take some charges regarding service. So, in order to share their service dues, they can use this impactful template. It is a family daycare fee schedule with a professional appearance. Being an employee of a daycare facility, you can use this document to present your service fee in an effective manner. Once customers get unambiguous information, they will tend to get the service promptly. In brief, this template, alongside others, is completely free and you can download it right away.

fee schedule template 10.


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