Business Case Templates

The use of Business Case Templates is worthwhile to present a business case before starting any project. Because it helps partners and other stakeholders to understand the advantages of making investments. Not just that, these templates give you the business executive summary regarding a particular project. Like, what will be achieved, which strategy will be helpful, and how many resources will be involved. Moreover, this information-based document lets the project managers display the facts and figures in terms of the pros and cons of undertaking a specific business project. That is why business case templates are crucial for the clients to know about the rational business plan for the project. It also allows the readers to understand the background of the new project and the previous success rate of similar projects for comparison.

Importance of Using Business Case Templates

A business case template is an essential part of project management planning. However, without it, results can be disastrous for project managers. That’s why such templates contain a great deal of significance. Importantly, by using these templates clients get the chance to overview the proposed project’s outlines and execution strategies. Moreover, it is a document that includes comprehensive details. Therefore, it takes time for research and effort. On the other hand, business case templates prevent the project management team from drafting case templates from scratch. In that way, it saves valuable time for the department to put their efforts into other project tasks.

Major Factors

The business case templates include several major factors that make them valuable for project commencement. Here, we are going to put down some of the major factors that will shed light on the importance of business case templates.

Risk and Return Analysis

The business case template helps the stakeholders to be aware of the risks attached to the project. Apart from that, it also provides the information in terms of return that this distinct project can deliver.

Resource Allocation

A well-organized business case template encompasses the information about resource allocation. Like, how many team members and departments will be engaged in embarking on the particular project or activity? That is why its use is certainly essential to have a detailed plan.

Cost Evaluation

It is a business planning model that provides a cost-benefit analysis. That further helps investors to make decisions by comparing costs with the reward for project approval.

Weighing Alternatives

The most important aspect of the business case templates is that it includes alternative project execution options. That assists in weighing the most suitable alternative among available options on the table. Due to that, stakeholders can opt for the one with a less costly solution for the deliverables to accomplish the business target.

Business Case Template 01

Here is an astonishing free business case template, that will provide you with viable alternatives for starting any project. This case template comes with pre-structured settings. That makes it easy to put detailed information in the respective places. It has a Microsoft word-based composition with the comfort of customization. Before presenting it to the top management or other concerned persons you can add the project title with company details. Furthermore, in this printable template, you will find out a list of contents on the second page. That includes the following vital information for stakeholders.

Executive Summary

That comprises the executive summary with the project overview, vision, and strategic objectives that you are striving for. As it is fully editable, it allows you to write down the business case information. Like, the purpose of the business and the sponsor for the case. Additionally, It will also let you do economic analysis with problematic statements. Apart from that, it also assists you to present the assumption and project constraints in reaching the business goals.

Viable Alternative

In the viable alternative option on this template, you can add your research of showing multiple options for the business project. In addition, here you can explain the risk, cost, and reward linked to each proposed alternative. After that this amazing template gives you the comparison of options to ease the decision-making process for the stakeholders.

Implementation Plan

This part of the exclusive template will take you further to the implementation plan. You can describe the details of the project with the chosen option. Moreover, it will help you out to mention project expected goals and performance indications. besides that, you will also be able to put down the comprehensive work plan and resource allocation with the project budget. If you are facing problems with business budgeting, you can easily find out free budgeting templates available online.

Project Management Framework

In this segment of the template, You will define the roles of project management and sponsoring team with brief contact information. In short, this template with all its components provides you free download. So get it now to prepare your business case study.


business case template 01.


Business Case Template 02

Just like the above template, you can also press the download button freely to grab this business case template online. It contains all the data that is required to give a presentation to the top hierarchy about a new project. It comes along with an awesome layout and colour scheme that makes it elegant. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to include, project details, history, limitations, approach, and benefits. All these things make a great assessment tool for higher management to give the go-ahead for the project.


business case template 02.


Business Case Template 03

Have a look at this another astounding business case template. Using this template will help in tracking the evidence base data of the project. Furthermore, it will aid in taking the right decision for initiating a business task or activity. In addition to that, this template will deliver the project cost, risk, resource, and return assessment information to investors and decision-makers. So, from a business perspective, it is highly useful to have such a free business template for reaching project milestones.


business case template 03.


Business Case Template 04

Try out this decent business case template that is also available as a freebie. It will support the project management team’s business case presentation with supporting data. This MS word document won’t let you down in meetings. You can justify your options with resource and cost requirements to achieve profit-sustainable results. Here is its list of content that you can edit and update in this template with respect to your project:

  • Overview.
  • Purpose.
  • Executive Summary.
  • Reasons.
  • Business Options.
  • Expected Benefit.
  • Expected Drawbacks.
  • Timescale.
  • Costs.
  • Investment Appraisal.
  • Major Risks.


business case template 04.



Business Case Template 05

The below business case template will overcome the project manager’s difficulties in creating a strong business case. It consists of all the crucial aspects that are obligatory for the proposed project. You can add an executive summary, financial summary, current situation, policy, technical environment with all the relevant information that is included in the table of contents. To sum up, you can download this case template without any hidden payments. Just press the button right under the business case template image to get this amazing business case planning tool. There are other sources also online available for getting free business case templates.



business case template 05.



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